S. No. Name Post/Department Nodal Officer Mob no
  Dr. A K Srivastava CMS Officer In charge Central Library Civil Work  9415857670
  Dr. R P Yadav Veterinary Officer Court cell and outsourcing 9795176466
  Dr. Pradeep Yadav Lecturer, Forensic medicine Court  cell Nodal officer 9554795868
  Dr. Raj Kishor Singh Asso. Prof. medicine Swine Flue Nodal Officer Medical College Sidharthnagar 9415314077
  Dr. Sanjeet Soni H.O.D Forensic medicine R.T.I 9452370357
  Dr. Kanchan Srivastava Asso. Prof. Pathology I.G.R.S 9580342732
  Dr. Rajesh Kumar Rai Prof. Pathology Officer In charge Establishment, Officer In charge Blood Bank 9450881860
  Dr. Sajjad  Jafar Lecturer, Anatomy Human Recourses Development  System   8303410562
  Dr. Shalini Gupta Lecturer, Anatomy College Lift In Charge 8874104992
  Dr. R Kumar Gagan Medical Superintendent Nehru Hospital  Nodal Officer E-Hospital, Nehru Hospital Incharge lift, Asst. Q.C.I officer, Incharge Hospital Kitchen, Officer Incharge Medical Record Section, Incharge Registration Counter, Incharge User Charge Counter, Incharge Admission Counter, Incharge Private Ward. 9415282288
  Dr. Satya Prakash H.O.D Biochemistry Officer Incharge Acdemic U.G Officer Incharge Baharaich 9835221774
  Dr. Vinay Singh H.O.D Physiology Officer Incharge Acdemic P.G Officer Incharge Web Site 9450676223
  Dr. Jamal Haidar Asso. Prof. Pharmacology M.C.I Incharge 9839828358
  Dr. O N Panday Prof. S.P.M Asst. Exzam Controlar Nodal Officer Maintenance 9451976228
  Dr. Raj Kumar Asso. Prof. Biochemistry Nodal Officer Nursing college 9838527671
  Dr. Rachana Bhatnagar Prof. Paedia Nodal Officer Q.C.I 9336402020
  Dr. Ram Yash Singh Yadav Asso. Prof. Eye Nodal Officer Medical Deveria 6392044631
  Dr. Anil Kumar Lecturer, Pharmacology Nodal Officer E- Office 7238970717
  Dr. Shahbaj Ahmad Prof. Aaesthesia Nodal Officer Trama Center 9838505848
  Dr. Bhupendra Sharma Asso. Prof. Paedia Nodal Officer 100 No ward , N.H.M 9415282291
  Dr. Gyan Chandra Maurya Prof. Radiotherapy D.D.U medullar Nodal Officer Driver 9452844055
  Dr. Yogendra Singh Lecturer, Anatomy Officer Incharge Centarl Library officer Incharge Central Store 9450979094
  Dr. M Q Beig Asso. Prof. Radiotherapy Nodal Officer Surety Gurd, Community Center 9235877644
  Dr. Shaila Mitra Prof. Pathology Officer In charge  House Allotment 7379651447
  Dr. Shilpa Vahikar Asso. Prof. Pathology Officer Incharge Central Pathology 9794180080
  Dr. Ashwani Mishra Lecturer, T.B Chest   9358004090
  Dr. Sudhir Gupta Lecturer, Obs & Gyn Officer In charge Electric Nehru Hospital  8004354719
  Dr. Ashok Yadav Lecturer, Ortho Officer Incharge P.M.R 9415130508
  Dr. Ashok Kumar Asso. Prof. Surgery   Nodal Officer P.M.S.Y 9415364104
  Dr. Deepshikha Asso. Prof. Medicine Nodal Officer Kausal Vikas kendra -
  Dr. Abhishek Jina Asst. Prof. Surgery Nodal Officer Security Incharge 8948252788
  Dr. Alpana Bundela Asst. Prof. Pathology Nodal Officer Garden 7607794704
  Dr. Sudhir Kumar Gupta Asst. Prof. Gyn Nodal Officer Community Center, Electric City Incharge 8004354719

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